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'Your position is being eliminated'

Without warning, in 10 devastating minutes, I was 'retired' after 25 years. But terror turned into oportunity and a time of trust.

I was 56 and the vice president and general manager of a global chemical business when I heard the words that hundreds hear each day: "We have to make some changes. Your position is being eliminated." Our last child had just finished college. We had planned to use the eight years before retirement to digest the monumental expense of the college years and to pay down the mortgage.

Now I feared my age would make it difficult to find a job that would pay me what we needed to survive financially. And there was the nagging concern that my past work experience wasn't broad enough to be of value to a new employer. Those fears, like many others, proved empty. In fact, my age and experience were key factors in finding my new position.

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