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God's impossible truth

The Christmas story isn't a children's fairy tale

How often during these days of holiday preparations do we hear people say, "This is what the season is all about!" Maybe we say it ourselves: Through a misting of tears, perhaps, as we look over our family gathered at the table. Or at the end of a well-sung Christmas concert.

I've heard it most often when someone is talking about children. Some folks even say, "Christmas is for children." Do they mean that Christmas is no more than fairy-tale wonderment? For sure, December is chock-full of kid fun, from cartoon specials and candy treats to Santa and his sack.

Even when we say, "Let's not lose the real meaning of Christmas," that points us to the manger where we find — a child! But just because Christmas is about the coming of a child does not make it childish.

Before we even come to the climatic episode of Christ's birth, we stub our toes on this little hidden rock of faith concealed in the story's beginning.


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