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God needs us too

Peacemaking calls us all to action

Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel recalls half-dead Jews herded like cattle from the boxcars that brought them to the death camp. The guards hung a little boy who twisted in the air with a rope around his neck, a sign of what the others could expect. In the cold came a mocking cry: "Where is your God?" Another person pointed to the choking boy. "There he is, swinging by a rope."

Instead of mockery, the reply can mean that only a crucified God can know the pain and suffering of all humanity. God's heart was the first to break as skyscrapers turned into fiery graves for thousands of innocent people. But how can we sing "Omnipotent reigneth" when God permits terrorists to fly an airline loaded with jet fuel into a 104-story office building, plus three more fatal crashes?

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