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Love conquers all

Amid tragedy, love won out on Sunday, Sept. 16, as a smiling New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani walked Diane Gorumba down the aisle of St. James Lutheran Church, Gerritsen Beach, to her husband-to-be, Michael Ferrito, and pastor Elizabeth Nebrasky.

Guiliani promised to give Gorumba away after her grandfather, father and finally, her brother, passed away in the last year. Her brother, a firefighter, had agreed to take her father's place, but died in an Aug. 28 fire.

"We will go on," Gorumba said in a Sept. 17 New York Post. "This proves it right here." Guiliani told the paper that the wedding meant "a great deal to him" and was one of the good things he could focus on during the painful aftermath of the tragedy.


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