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Amid terror: Falwell vs. liberals

In a Sept. 18 statement, Jerry Falwell apologized for statements he made on Pat Robertson's 700 Club in which he blamed liberals for contributing to the terrorist attack.

Falwell was widely criticized — by everyone from Robertson to a White House spokesperson — for saying theattacks were "probably what we deserve" because liberal groups have tried to secularize America. He singled out gays and lesbians, abortionists and liberal advocacy groups.

In his apology, Falwell called his remarks "insensitive, uncalled for at the time and unnecessary as part of the commentary on this destruction."

In his "Sightings" column, Martin Marty, University of Chicago Divinity School, called Falwell's original comments "untheological, unbiblical, un-Christian and undeserving of further comment."


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