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Blessings by the book

A single, 35-year-old New York City attorney, L. Carol Lewis, remembers a childhood full of blessings — and offers thanks for them in 10,000 ways. That's the print run of the book she wrote and published, Little Lumpy's Book of Blessings (Three Butterflies Entertainment & Press Inc., $16.95).

Lewis admits that the character she created is remarkably like she was, right down to plump pigtails that prompted her nickname, "Little Lumpy." She tells readers: "Blessings are things that are good for us, things for which we are thankful." We see Lumpy's home and family, watch her grandparents give her big hugs and her puppy lick her face, and see her learn to ride a bike with training wheels.

"Yes, it takes us back to a simpler, sweeter time," says Lewis, who attended Advent Lutheran Church, Cleveland. "It's very important that Little Lumpy is an African American female. I firmly believe there is a complete lack of positive imagery available for children of color."

Those who want to see more have to wait, with Lewis, for her dream of an animated TV special. Lewis is confident she'll realize that goal, saying, "When you do that which God has called you to do, he will open the doors."


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