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Answering 'Caedmon's Call'

Young country-rockers sing of their faith

Few of us are familiar with a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon monk named Caedmon. A prolific writer of religious poetry, Caedmon also loved music but was unable to sing. One day, so the tale goes, God called out to Caedmon, urging him to sing and providing him a voice to do so.

This pleasant story, believe it or not, provides information about the type of music some young adults listen to today. How? Some young Christian country-rock musicians chose the name Caedmon's Call for their fledgling ensemble. In recent years the group has garnered considerable popularity on campuses and in other places where twenty-somethings congregate.

Caedmon's Call just released a new CD, 40 Acres (Essential Records), that reflects the members' Texas origins. It contains such selections as "Where I Began," "Climb On" and "40 Acres."

It's not difficult to understand the group's appeal to youth. Their thoughtful, faith-based lyrics and smooth country-western sound also will appeal to baby boomers who grew up listening to such groups as The Eagles and New Riders of the Purple Sage. Not that Caedmon's Call's audience should be limited to these two generations. The easy-on-the-ears music and sophisticated expressions of faith demonstrate to anyone who wants to listen that young people today do have good taste.

You're more likely to find the album in a Christian bookstore than in a music store. If you can't obtain it locally, you can order it from Family Christian Bookstores for $16.98 (CD) or $10.98 (cassette) by calling (800) 887-6555.


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