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Feasting on love

Healthy food traditions can season your holidays and nourish your Christ-centered service

It seems as the last holiday season of the century awaits us, we may be ready to let heaven and nature sing from our kitchen. I've found a wonderful way to purify a holiday is to make food less and less the centerpiece of the experience. Hungry? Go ahead and celebrate with something delicious and healthy. But then let's get on with the reason for the season.

Family togetherness and food traditions will always be rich ingredients in Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. It's wise to examine them in the context of your values. What's really important? Making candy, writing cards, finding a new dress, helping your child with her part in the program, decorating the tree, visiting a homebound relative or making a wreath for the front door? The answer is different for each of us.

(Article continues and includes three sidebars: "Food gifts for friends," "Red and green, fast and festive," and "Simple to bring and enjoy.")

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