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Seeing God

'God is my friend, my companion'

Thank you for the insightful and thought provoking article "How do you see God" (February, page 20). To me God is my friend, my companion through the good and bad times, and my almighty Father. I questioned him when my uncle died in a seemingly needless way, and I questioned him when I experienced marital problems. But the still, small voice of calm that is the Holy Spirit reminded me that I needed to know that he is still God. And no matter what happens he will still be with me.

Ann Nienow Bowen
Torrance, Calif. (via Internet)

I am quite disturbed after reading Brame's article on seeing God. It was well thought out but lacked what so much modern Lutheran theology does, an omnipotent God. If we cave in to the idea that God does not manipulate (i.e., act in history), then we have an impotent, loving God. Not my idea of an ideal deity. God is a God of history--my history and your history. And miraculous interactions are happening daily by God to keep us and sustain us.

Alan W. Freeland
Northfield, Minn. (via FAX)

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