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LCMS: Deep differences

Among the nearly 1,000 resolutions adopted at the Lutheran Church-­Missouri Synod convention in July, one action made the "warm feelings" he brought to the ELCA assembly "not easily reciprocated," said Raymond Hartwig, LCMS secretary.

Greeting the assembly, Hartwig said the LCMS convention's nearly 2-1 vote to declare the ELCA not "an orthodox Lutheran body" followed 90 minutes of "heartfelt" discussion. He urged ELCA members to "not read into it any smugness or self-righteousness." He said the resolution's intent was to "bring to light differences," including the ELCA full communion partnerships, ordination of women and policy on homosexuality.

"We are brothers and sisters in Christ," he said. "We bear the same name, 'Lutheran.' We disagree with many others (churches). But the thing about family is, we don't say to them what we say to you."


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