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Almen re-elected, with a smile

I have instructions from my wife, Sally, to smile," said Lowell Almen, upon his re-election as ELCA secretary. He was elected on the fourth ballot with 605 votes, just three more than the 602, or 60 percent, needed. Glenndy Sculley, an assistant to the St. Paul Area Synod bishop, received 379 votes.

"I accept the renewal of the call of this church, as expressed by you, to serve as secretary," he said. "I have had a privilege I will cherish all my life — that is the privilege of having served with Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson."

When the final three nominees, Almen, Sculley and ELCA Vice President Addie Butler, were given five minutes to speak after the third ballot, Almen said he didn't have a prepared speech, but told the assembly, "I'm willing to continue in this office."

Sculley said she longed for the day when "our differences ... will be an opportunity" for the world to say, "See how they love one another."


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