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Financially, '95 was 'very exciting year'

For the fifth consecutive year, ELCA income topped expenses. The church received $77.2 million from all sources in 1995, compared with $76.3 million in 1994. Expenses for 1995 were $71 million, a decrease of $2 million from 1994. The $6.3 million margin is the greatest for any year since the 1988 merger that founded the ELCA.

Reporting the good news to the Conference of Bishops, ELCA Treasurer Richard McAuliffe called 1995 "a very, very exciting year" in which the church was able "to build up its reserves significantly." Income from congregations through synods totaled $63.1 million in 1995, compared with $62.8 million the previous year. Thirty-eight synods increased giving during 1995, and 27 gave less. Other major sources of income were $3.7 million for missionary sponsorship and $3.1 million in bequests.

In addition, giving to the World Hunger Appeal totaled $12 million, an increase of $600,000. Disaster Response funds were $1.4 million.

All of the ELCA divisions and commissions underspent their budgets.


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