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Covering politics for 'CosmoGirl'

Political correspondent writes for future voters

Columbia University in New York City has a hot new journalist in its student body. Junior Colleen Taylor is working as CosmoGirl magazine's first-ever political correspondent.

Taylor, a member of House of Prayer Lutheran Church, Aliquippa, Pa., considers this work rewarding. "I'm incredibly impressed with the intelligence, passion and curiosity that girls as young as 14 display regarding the whole political process," she said. "Feeling like I'm making even a little difference by kind of showing these girls that politics is as much their world as it is their parents' has been really gratifying." Read her articles at www.cosmogirl.com.

Although she doesn't get paid, she received a makeover and a professional wardrobe. A media coach helped her sharpen her interviewing techniques and political knowledge. Taylor also gets free plane tickets, hotel rooms and her own computer. These perks, she said, help her cover the political campaigns — from the primaries, through the national conventions and fall campaign to the inaugural ball.

Members of Taylor's congregation aren't surprised by her special job. "[We] knew that she was going places," said Gary B. Nelson, pastor. "Some people have commented that she is the kind of person who sets out to accomplish things and never looks back."

Taylor said her congregation "is extremely supportive and has honestly been one of the biggest factors in my life that's encouraged me to pursue any goal I have."

As for future plans, Taylor wants to continue working in media. "I've definitely caught the bug!" she said.


Mike Blankenship

Mike Blankenship

Posted at 6:01 pm (U.S. Eastern) 2/5/2008


Heather B. P. Wallace,

      I enjoyed talking to your dad at Tractor Supply today.  He gave me enough info to find one of your articles on line.   Keep up the great work!  Students are in the beginnings of starting projects in the greenhouse as well as several community ventures.  I am hopeful that this communication will find its way to you.


Mike Blankenship

'Stationed by the owl'

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