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November 1999 For the Record

Division for Higher Education and Schools board. Chicago, Sept. 24-26.

* Directed division staff to work with the Commission for Women and other churchwide units on a commemoration for next year's 30th anniversary of the ordination of women.
* Heard Robert Sorensen, division executive director, announce his retirement after 12 years, effective next summer.
* Received a report on the Lutheran Education Conference of North America's "Reclaiming Lutheran Students Project" to attract more Lutheran students to ELCA colleges (see page 40).
* Heard a sociological perspective on family trends, the faith of youth and the role of popular culture.
* Quote: Sorensen, "No education that probes only the deep things of the mind and ignores the deep longing of the human spirit is an adequate education. No secular education that rules out questions about values and virtue, God and religion, the spirit and service to others is sufficient."


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