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Faith leaders sign letter supporting gay marriage

A high-profile coalition of faith leaders — including a Lutheran — released an open letter in support of marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Barbara Lundblad, an ELCA pastor and professor at Union Seminary, New York, was an author of the letter, released by the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing, an ecumenical, interfaith organization.

Posted at www.religiousinstitute.org, the letter asks religious and civic leaders to promote good marriages based on responsibility, equity and love, without restrictions based on the biological sex, procreative potential or sexual orientation of the partners. "We refute those who would use selected verses of Scripture to condemn the marriage of gay and lesbian people," says Marvin Ellison, Bangor [Maine] Seminary and another of the letter's authors. "Contrary to this distortion of religious tradition, the overall message of the Bible neither commends a single marriage model nor commands all to marry, but rather calls for love and justice in all relationships."


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