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Interdependence day

How would the world be different if a global charter ensured environmental protection, human rights, gender equity and peace?

This is the question of the Sept. 29 U.S. launch of the Earth Charter initiative in Tampa, Fla. (www.earthchartersummits.org). The charter is regarded as a "declaration of interdependence" that examines how ecological preservation is related to human rights and peace worldwide.

The Florida Council of Churches, of which Florida ELCA congregations are members, is a partner of the Earth Charter initiative.

"We're carrying out a statewide campaign on global climate change as a spiritual issue," says Fred Morris, the council's executive director. Morris says signing onto the Earth Charter was a natural step for faith groups that already have a commitment to environmental preservation.

"The whole area of environmental conservation is not just an issue for treehuggers and birdwatchers, but for all people of faith," Morris says.


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