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Remembering 'Floyd'

President George W. Bush called U.S. Rep. Floyd Spence, R-S.C., "a leader of great courage and determination," looking back on the contribution of the man who had served in the House of Representatives since 1970. Spence, who died Aug. 16 following brain surgery, was one of 20 Lutherans in the 107th Congress.

His pastor, Leon Rawl of St. Peter Lutheran Church, Lexington, S.C., officiated at the Aug. 22 funeral at First Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C. "I can't ever remember Floyd Spence introducing himself as 'Congressman' Spence," Rawl said in his homily. "He knew the responsibility he bore ... the significance of his position. But ... he stayed just 'Floyd,' and I think he did that because he knew and he remembered that just like everyone else, he was a child of the living God."

Spence gave the keynote address for the first assembly of Lutheran Men in Mission in 1990 at Newberry [S.C.] College.


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