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Only hearts and smiles

They have no hair, clothes, gender or nationality — these rag dolls that travel to children in countries ravaged by war. They have only hearts and smiles, say women at Zion Lutheran Church, Lexington, S.C., who have started sewing the dolls, joining a worldwide, ecumenical network in a project called Rag Dolls 2 Love.

More than 700 dolls have been sent to Palestine, Israel and Haiti. Hopes are to send them to Afghanistan and Iraq next. Mary Page Jones, an Episcopalian from Wapiti, Wyo., who lived in the Middle East for four years and worked with people living in Palestinian camps, started the project. "It has touched a need in people to do something," she said, "rather than stay at home wringing their hands, feeling angst about the world situation and the children." For more information, including a pattern, go to www.ragdolls2love.org or e-mail ragdolls2love2003@yahoo.org.


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