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Parsley, anyone?

A menu of Holy Week and Easter activities for youth

Parsley dipped in saltwater? Doesn't sound too appetizing, right? Believe it or not, some youth gave it a try.
That salty parsley was part of a Seder meal (the feast that marks the beginning of Passover). And that Seder meal was part of a four-hour workshop that completed first communion instruction at St. Luke Lutheran Church, Devon, Pa.

In addition to learning about the Seder, students made communion wafers for Maundy Thursday (that's when they receive their first communion) and watched as the altar guild prepared for the service.

Smelly feet beware — the youth also had a foot-washing ceremony.

This workshop is one of many holiday activities our readers have shared with us over the years. Here are some more ideas.

• The menu at Trinity Lutheran Church, New Brighton, Pa., included the "Presentation of the Last Supper." Costumed youth staged the scene from Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper. (They did theirs on Pentecost Sunday, but it's a good idea for Maundy Thursday too.)

The disciples read the lessons, and "Jesus" presented the Gospel. Then in song and words each disciple reacted to Jesus' statement, "One of you will betray me."

• For their service project, youth from Trinity Lutheran Church, Pleasant Valley, Iowa, collected $85 in pennies to help buy supplies for Easter baskets and a food program.

• Eggs were on the menu at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, San Antonio. Youth and adults made an Easter egg tree out of a branch and plastic eggs decorated with Christian symbols.

The youth also had a Lenten calendar to mark the weeks before Easter. Behind each window in the mylar cross was a picture representing the theme for that day's Sunday school curriculum.

• Students at Christ Lutheran Church, Downey, Calif., made Easter cards for homebound people. The inside of the cards contained a Bible verse on one side and an Easter greeting on the other.


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