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Never lost to God's peace

Some would identify Mekabou Fufani as one of the "lost boys" of Sudan. Fufani described how he fled war-torn Sudan only to experience U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service prisons at a July 19-22 ELCA Global Mission Event at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pa. But in response to the notion of being "lost," he said, "We might have been lost to our mothers and fathers, but God has always had his eye on us."

One of two global mission events this summer, the event drew more than 1,300 under the theme "Living God's peace together," for global music at worship and workshops on hunger and poverty, immigration and global service.

Pauline Riak, executive director of the Sudanese Women's Association in Nairobi, addressed more than 800 participants at the ELCA Global Mission Event. SWAN, an organization of refugee women from warring ethnic groups in Sudan, works with war-traumatized women, training them for jobs and to start their own micro-businesses. Riak said the group transcends their differences by prayer and study, reminding each other that "if a child dies, it is our baby; if a man is killed in the war, it is our husband, our son."


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