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Remembering St. Edna

Ordinary lives remind us of God's presence

On Nov. 1, the Feast of All Saints, this verse from the apocryphal second book of Esdras is often used at morning prayer: The angel says to go and spread the word of the greatness of the Lord. To do so requires us to look with wonder at the grace that pervades our lives and that of others. This includes the saints — those we know from history as well as those who come into our lives, even for a moment, to remind of us of God's presence.

Some of us are blessed to have saints come to visit in the guise of friends or relatives. For me, it was my grandmother, Edna Tilghman Larson.

Although she died when I was 9, my grandmother left a legacy that has formed my entire life. Fortunately for me, she also left a large wooden chest full of diaries and notes. What a gift! Imagine feeling confused or blue and being able to open an old notebook and find these words:

"Every day there are little miracles. Find them, see them. That way, you'll never be tempted to look back. If you keep going forward, you will ultimately get what you desire."

These are words that brim with joy and hope, from a woman who lived an ordinary life in an extraordinary way, one that allowed her to appreciate life to the fullest and find peace in unexpected places.

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