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Voices: readers share their thoughts about TV and Christian values

Using its Web Site, The Lutheran asked readers about TV shows and characters that reflect — or deny — Christian faith and values. Here's what you said:

The cast of Touched by an Angel and Father Mulcahey from M*A*S*H — one of the more faith-filled shows ever produced — show faith in God. So does Nothing Sacred, the canceled show about an inner-city Catholic church. The problems were hard, everyday difficulties faced by the clergy and lay people. They did not always solve the problems, but their faith helped them work through them. Star Trek had a strong underlying theme of faith.

Joe Shepherd
Bangor, Maine

I see no TV characters that show faith in God or the values of any faith. I enjoy informative shows such as 20/20 or 60 Minutes. Comedies are often OK, depending on the show. We enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond. It hits on day-to-day conflicts and resolutions among family members.

Nicole Woodall
Wurzburg, Germany

Some of the characters of Beverly Hills, 90210 portray having faith in God. Also the grandmother in Dawson's Creek is a strong Christian. These are two shows that are often watched by teenagers my age. Another show is 7th Heaven. It's all about having faith in God. The Simpsons is funny, but it tends to reject the faith and values of Christians, so do Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like Dawson's Creek because it's about people my age. It makes me put myself in the situation. I can sort out my values and beliefs, and strengthen them too.


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