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From the bookshelf: Blueberry shoe

Ann Dixon's book reminds me of the days my parents piled the five of us kids into the station wagon to go blueberry picking (our stomachs were as full as our pails). But children don't have to know what it's like to go berry picking to enjoy Blueberry Shoe.

Dixon, a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Wasilla, Alaska, won the 2000 National Outdoor Book Award for Blueberry Shoe.

It's the story of a boy who loses a shoe while picking blueberries with his family on Ptarmigan Mountain. Dixon weaves a charming tale of the animals that sleep in, play with and want to eat the shoe. The shoe's final destination is a delightful surprise.

 The text has a poetic quality that is good for reading out loud. Children ages 4 to 8 will enjoy reading this book and learning about nature and the beauty of God's creation.

Kids should also like the colorful artwork. Evon Zerbetz used linocuts and bright colors for her illustrations. Throughout the book, colorful flowers, animals, leaves and more stand out against a black background. To add to the outdoor feel, the art on each page is framed by a background of natural leaf impressions in shades of green, blue, purple, gold or red.

You can order Blueberry Shoe (Alaska Northwest Books, ISBN 0882405195) from www.amazon.com or your local bookstore.


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