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Pilgrims visit Taizé by the thousands

Easter Vigil, Taizé, France. We're sitting on the floor with more than 6,000 worshipers, listening to Scripture and chanting simple prayers in many languages. It feels as if the whole world has shown up to pray, sing and share in contemplative silence.  

 In the dark, Brother Roger lights a candle, and the flame is passed from person to person. Within minutes thousands of illuminated faces sing a simple prayer petition. We're in awe. The Spirit is present in the faces of those around us, and there is a sense of wonder, a feeling of spiritual peace. We've been touched by the Holy.

Those gathered here likely left places of chaos and commercials for silence and song. Not many words are spoken, but many languages. An order of service? A bulletin? No way. Come and see what God is doing on this little hill in rural France, this place of prayer called Taizé.

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