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Photo of Sudanese woman hits home

September's front and back covers spur reflection

The front cover of The Lutheran's September issue depicts the horrific circumstances of the Sudanese people. The back cover coaxes Americans to ponder a bigger boat, a bigger house, etc. How does the reader digest both messages?

Frank Albano
Seattle, Wash.

I was reading lessons and choosing hymns for upcoming Sundays when the September issue arrived. I perused the contents page and laid the magazine face down to resume my work of choosing hymns for Sept. 26 on the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. As I glanced over at the magazine, I found a rather poignant sermon illustration. On the front cover: a vulnerable, suffering Sudanese woman. On the back cover: a relaxing, tanned North American, with the invitation to "Save enough for a bigger house. Save enough for a bigger boat. Save enough for a bigger nest egg to leave the grandkids." But it was the next line that said it all: "What we choose to do with our money ultimately comes down to what we value." Wow, I think Jesus would agree.

Ron Brown
Charleston, S.C.

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