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Rally Sunday


In one of my favorite lines from Martin Luther, the reformer names what the last year of ministry has taught me: “Thank God, even a 7-year-old child knows what the church is.” I would like to learn even more about what our children know about God, faith and especially the church. 

In the next few weeks, congregations across this church rally their children back into educational programs. For many, Rally Sunday has risen to the level of a minor church festival — and rightfully so. I wonder what it would mean for us who share this programmatic rhythm to pause and consider more deeply what it is that our children bring with them. It is a blessing to nurture them in faith, to introduce them to God’s story. Often it seems they bless us in return.

So what if this Rally Sunday we rallied the children and their abundant blessings? 

God of new beginnings, as summer fades behind us and the days begin to shorten, may we turn our attention to the short ones among us.The little ones. The messy ones. The playful ones. The loud ones. The quiet ones. The shy ones. The wild ones. 

May we rally the life of the church to meet them on their way. And may their way of life rally us to new beginnings. Amen.


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