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We Make the Road by Walking

A Year-Long Quest for Spiritual Formation, Reorientation, and Activation

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Best-selling author, speaker, activist and public theologian Brian D. McLaren has created an astonishing 52-week curriculum for use in Christian communities. Mustering all the seriousness and sensitivity we have come to expect of him, he takes us on a personal guided tour of the Bible. It’s organized around readings of the traditional church year on Jesus, faith, community, Spirit, desire, unity, diversity and stewardship. These readings enlighten and inspire us to forge a fresh path of faith and social engagement, to toss out our lethargic ways and bad habits, and to walk the talk of God’s kingdom.  

A major focus is on everyday spirituality — bringing our faith alive in our being and doing, in our jobs and dreams, in the communal and the inner work we do, locally and globally. McLaren salutes the movements of the Spirit in the biblical stories and in those of our lives (Jericho Books).


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