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October 1999 For the Record

Board of Pensions trustees Minneapolis, Aug. 4-6.

* Raised health plan contribution rates for sponsored members an average of 10 percent next year to keep pace with rising health-care costs. Approved a rate of member-only coverage at 9.1 percent of salary; member and spouse or children at 15 percent of salary; and member, spouse and children at 21.2 percent of salary. Contribution rates for disability and survivor benefits stay the same.
* Estimated claims for the year 2000 to rise from $62.9 million to $65.3 million for nonretired members; projected an increase for retirees' incurred claims from $26.6 million to $31.5 million.
* Focused on revising the health-care cost sharing formula. "The current rate structure is salary-based, but rates don't vary by geographic area despite significant variations in [health care] cost by area," said David G. Adams of the pension board. "As a result, congregations in lower cost areas tend to subsidize congregations in higher cost areas."
* Re-elected John Kapanke as president.


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