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Musicians visit assemblies

The Texas–Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod invited the Glocal Musicians to lead music at its assembly and to teach the worship and music track at its leadership school, the Disciple Project.

“The Glocal Musicians have been our favorite in terms of training and equipping people and being friends to hang out with for a week,” said Peggy Hahn, the synod’s executive director for LEAD (Living Every Day as Disciples), a Christian formation program. 

As participants in the worship and music track mastered the material, the Glocal Musicians moved them into leadership.

“They became the house band by the middle of the week and students were ready to participate in leading music each morning for Bible study,” Hahn said. “It was awesome.”

Disciple Project participants shared what they learned with their congregations and couldn’t wait to come back and learn more this year, she added. 

Counting the Disciple Project in June and six synod assemblies, the Glocal Musicians will participate in 20 events in 2014. They hope to leave behind people ready to join them in savoring the world’s diverse gifts in global relationships and in their own backyards.

“I may never make it to certain parts of the world, but I feel like I know what India tastes like,” said musician Aisea Taimani of Newark, Calif. “If you really want to say you know God, get to know your neighbor, get to know these cultures. The more I sing these songs, the more I realize I didn’t know my neighbor very well.”


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