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O Taste and See

O Taste and See

Bonnie Thurston was a college and seminary professor for 30 years and is the author of many books on theology and spirituality. Today she is a poet living a solitary life in the hills of West Virginia. In this paperback, she reflects on Psalm 34:8 — “O taste and see that the Lord is good” — which she believes “contains in miniature the whole process of coming to and growing in faith.”

With a succinctness that is the result of many years of studying and processing the Bible, Thurston discusses the goodness and graciousness of God. We can see God’s imprint in human beings, animals, plants, and all beautiful places and things. We can also approach God through tasting, which means to partake of something.

By living in tune with Psalm 34:8, we learn, as Benedictine monk David Steidl-Rast reminds us, that “every sensuous experience is at heart a spiritual one, a divine revelation” (Paraclete Press).


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