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Ban challenged

The United Church of Christ filed on April 28 a lawsuit against North Carolina over the state’s 2012 constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, saying it violates the religious freedom of clergy. Religious groups used a similar argument challenging the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. The statewide ban has made it a misdemeanor for a minister to marry a couple without a civil marriage license. The law also allows anyone to sue a minister for performing a marriage ceremony without a license. Nancy Kraft, pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church , Charlotte, N.C., is one of several clergy from other faith groups who are listed among the plaintiffs. 


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 3:26 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/3/2014

Good to see that at least one Lutheran Pastor is involved in this important issue.  Church leaders and members were instrumental in getting SSM established in Maine a couple of years ago.

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