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9 reasons to get involved in the ELCA Malaria Campaign

This summer while you’re swatting away mosquitoes (which, incidentally, scientists say may be becoming resistant to DEET), consider what it’s like for the many Lutherans who find these insects to be not merely an annoyance but a life-threatening menace. And if that isn’t reason enough to get involved in the ELCA Malaria Campaign, here are nine more reasons: 

1. Join a winning team. Global action against malaria saves 700 lives a day. ELCAmembers and Lutherans in Africa are part of that global team — and our work makes a difference. Since 2000 the death rate from malaria has dropped by 49 percent in Africa, according to the World Health Organization. Hand in hand with our global allies, we canturn the tables on malaria.

2. We can do more together. Let’s do some math: our $15 million fundraising goal represents about $4 per ELCA member. Maybe you can’t give a million dollars, but I bet you can give $4.

We’re working hand in hand with Lutherans in 13 African countries — people who have a history of delivering gospel-driven human services in hard-to-reach areas. People in these rural communities are willing to learn from trusted Lutheran voices. 

3. Low cost, big impact. A net costs $10. Medicine to treat malaria? $2. And a test kit costs $1. Every gift makes a difference; every gift can change a life. And we use your gifts wisely — no more than 10 percent goes to overhead. Ninety percent goes to mission.

4. The Bible tells me so. Read Luke 4:38-39 — Jesus rebuked a fever and we can too. Read 1 Corinthians 12:12 — we are one body in Christ, and some of our members are suffering from malaria, so we must all respond together.

5. “God’s work. Our hands.” Arden Strasser, an ELCA missionary in Zambia, puts it succinctly: “God doesn’t need our money. God’s work needs money.”

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