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Support for families

Congregations promise to support families at their children’s baptisms. Here are five ways you can support families and children in worship.

• Smile and greet families. Engage with parents and the kids who worship with your congregation. Thank the parents for bringing their children to worship. Learn the children’s names, greet them at their level and tell them how happy you are to see them in church. Kids pick up on when they are welcome, and they are more likely to feel comfortable in worship (and more likely to behave as well).

• Know the resources your congregation has for families. Are there worship bags or children’s bulletins? Know where they are located so you can mention this to families if they don’t have activities to help keep kids engaged. Remember that children who are playing quietly in worship are learning and absorbing even if they don’t seem to be listening. Children learn about worship by being in worship.

• Pretend they are your family (after all, they are part of your church family). Children are a blessing to a congregation. They are the future of the church. If you want your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, sibling or cousin to worship and know the love of Christ, then it is equally important to support the children of others. Love and respect all children accordingly.

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