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Diaper Depot

For more than a year, Ascension Lutheran Church, Kentwood, Mich., has been doling out diapers. The first month, it gave 57 packages to low-income families (who may not buy diapers with food stamps); the next month, twice as many.

Members offer funds and volunteer hours, and the ministry is helped by grants. The church also puts “Dimes for Diapers” canisters in various locations.

The Diaper Depot is open one Thursday evening and one Wednesday morning each month. To receive diapers, parents show identification and proof they have children age 3 and under. In the first year, Ascension “diapered” more than 800 children with more than 76,000 diapers.

“Our goal is to help those who cannot help themselves — babies,” said Judy Magnuson, Diaper Depot director.


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