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At one time or another, we all yearn to break free of our day-by-day life and escape to a world of adventure. Writer and illustrator Aaron Becker has fashioned a magical tale with no words for ages 4 through 8 about a creative girl who is bored and can’t get her parents to do anything with her. So she uses her red marker to draw a door on her bedroom wall and begins a trip that is filled with strange sights and unfamiliar places.

She creates a boat and sails to a large and ornate city. Then she draws a balloon that takes her away. When the girl sees a bird in a cage, she liberates it out of kindness and empathy for its plight. Now all she has to do is find her way home.

Here is a journey worth taking with its themes of the value of art, empathy and heroism (Candlewick Press).


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