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A California blessing

Southwest California Bishop R. Guy Erwin

St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Los Angeles, welcomed both the sun and Southwest California Bishop R. Guy Erwin (right) on Solar Sunday in February. Raised on the lift along with Caleb Crainer, pastor of St. Andrew, to bless new solar panels, Erwin said, “We live by the sun, we move by the stars. Bless these panels as they provide energy for the church and inspiration for the community.” Worship revolved around sun/light themes, the choir sang “Walkin’ On Sunshine,” children learned about “photovoltaic solar cells,” and Crainer preached about being sharers rather than takers of both electricity and love. St. Andrew has been environmentally conscious for years, and “going solar” unfolded over the last year as the congregation decided to invest in solar energy to stabilize energy costs and be good stewards of the environment.


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