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Pray for South Sudan

South Sudan

At Nyumanzi Settlement in Uganda’s Adjumani District, the Lutheran World Federation distributes nonfood relief items to people displaced by the violence in South Sudan. Two settlements, Nyumanzi and Dzaipi, together house more than 50,000 of about 80,000 South Sudanese refugees (87 percent of whom are women and children) who have found shelter in Uganda. 

Since December, armed conflict and reports of mass killings in South Sudan have caused nearly 900,000 people to flee their homes.

The fighting began Dec. 15 after Salva Kiir, the country’s president and an ethnic Dinka, dismissed Riek Machar, the vice president and an ethnic Nuer.

To help South Sudanese refugees, Lutheran Disaster Response committed more than $700,000. LDR is working to help the Lutheran World Federation and local partners in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Chad provide displaced people with food, water and nonfood items.

LDR asks for prayers for peace and gifts. Send gifts (write “South Sudan Conflict” on the check memo line) to Lutheran Disaster Response, 39330 Treasury Center, Chicago, IL 60694-9300; or give by credit card at 800-638-3522 or www.elca.org/disaster.


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