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Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes

Davey Wexler (Willa Holland) is a 17-year-old girl whose beloved father was killed during a holdup of his convenience store in Atlantic City, N.J. Her mother is immobilized by the loss of her husband and decides to visit her older sister in Los Alamos, N.M., the birthplace of the atomic bomb. When Davey’s mother starts taking pills all the time and sleeping, the sister and brother-in-law try to become surrogate parents. However, this free-thinking teenager spurns their counsel and turns instead to Wolf (Tatanka Means), a sensitive and caring Native American, and his father (Russell Means), a cancer patient. 

Tiger Eyes offers a poignant depiction of Davey’s grief and the support and wisdom she receives from Wolf and his father. The Native American community uses rituals to heal the wounds of separation, and Davey finds her own way of saying goodbye to her father in a ritual of loving closure (Freestyle Releasing, PG-13 — thematic material including a violent incident, some teen drinking). Now on DVD.


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