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A warm tribute


Dee Appleton of Flora, Ind., like many family members of pastors, wondered what to do with her father’s clergy vestments after he died. Appleton took the robes, clerical shirts and stoles of her father, Richard Recher, to her aunt, Grace Recher, an avid quilter, and cousin, Linda Recher Denger, saying she wanted to preserve the items and pass them down to family members. They decided to transform them (along with her mother’s wedding gown and some photos) into “stained-glass” quilts and wall hangings for the descendants: Appleton and her sister, Vickie Greene; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. After six weeks, nine quilts were complete; blessed by their family friend, retired pastor Jacob Hoffman, Lafayette, Ind.; and given as a surprise to each family member.


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