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A new creation

Feng Wen-guang married a Christian woman without fully realizing what that meant for their lives together. She was gone a lot for church activities. So he tried to get her to stop attending church and didn’t allow their child to go.

But his wife persisted. “I started to wonder why she kept on going to church,” he said. “I thought to myself, there must be something better, something that always made her joyful.”

Feng Wen-guang

Elder Feng Wen-guang has been a Christian for more than 16 years.

Two weeks before Easter 1997, Feng decided to find out. “There were some 500 people in church, so harmonious, so peaceful,” he recalled. “I had to ask seriously, there must be a God.”

The pastor that day preached on 2 Corinthians 5:17-19. “I had been a bad person in my life, and I wanted to change to be a new person,” Feng said. “And so when the pastor asked who wanted to seek baptism, I raised my hand.” Several weeks later, he and others walked 40 minutes to a river to be baptized.

Now as the chief elder of the Lijiang City Yulong County Christian Council, Feng oversees the work of 54 congregations with more than 5,000 members. “When the local council was formed in 1999, we had 106 members in 27 congregations and meeting points,” he said. “Though we have only two full-time pastors, we have many evangelists and a gospel team of 40 who help everywhere, including making visits to members.” 

In Feng, a new creation has taken place. And in the local church scene, especially among the Lisu ethnic minority people, a new creation continues to happen.


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