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Twitter made me a better preacher

For four years I’ve used the 140-character posts on Twitter in a variety of ways: to learn about breaking news, to talk about ministry, to connect with new and old friends. I could say many things about it, but mostly I want to say: Twitter has made me a better preacher. 

The best exam I took in college required me in one page (no more) to “Describe the development of Christian theology from the resurrection to the Reformation.” With that, I began to grasp the importance of expressing important ideas with succinctness and clarity. 

Granted, I have yet to preach a 140-character sermon. But I do preach with lots of 140-character chunks — especially the main idea. Listeners want something solid, something easy to take with them. And that’s where the pithy summary (a tweet) of your sermon comes in handy.

Pay attention to Twitter, and you’ll discover which thoughts and ideas are retweeted, which travel farther and faster. Isn’t this what a preacher wants on Sunday morning? For parishioners to take the sermon home with them, remember it throughout the week (and beyond), and share it with friends and co-workers?

David Hansen


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