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In praise of digital evangelists

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When I go to the coffee shop, I check in on Foursquare and Facebook in case my friends want to join me. If I’m watching the Grammys or Oscars, I’ll give my reactions on Twitter. If I’ve got an amazing plate of food in front of me, I might post a photo on Instagram. 

FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitterGoogle PlusFoursquare and more. Social media are changing the ways we relate to one another. 

Whether it’s a family reunion, a new product that excites us, or a news story we read, we have more ways than ever to share our passions with the world. Through technology, we have become evangelists for the products we buy, the restaurants we visit, the TV shows we watch. 

And then, we walk into church and are told to turn off our phones. If we attempt to share church in the same way we share the rest of our lives, we’re met with stares and head shakes shaming us into putting our phones away. 

Christians have been given a daunting task: to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Never before has this been more attainable than now, using tools of technology and social media. Like it or not, we have a sphere of influence, and it can be used by the church to spread news about our congregation and the message we proclaim.

Social networking can connect our congregation to everyone connected to our members. Imagine what would happen if 120 worshipers each posted something about worship. Those posts would be seen by an average of 100 people for each post (a low estimate). Suddenly, and without a penny from the budget, 12,000 people have heard about Sunday morning worship.

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