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The Voyage

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Every once in a while, a children’s picture book comes along that stands out from the rest due to its parabolic prowess and philosophical riches. The story may be simple, but the questions that it poses are universal. Hats off to writer Veronica Salinas and illustrator Camilla Engman for their collaborative effort on this story about an adorable little duck who is blown away from his home and plopped down in an unfamiliar world. 

Armed with the question “Do you know who I am?” the little one has no success in communicating with a fly, fish or mouse. Another duck comes along and gives him some perspective on what is happening: “You are who you are.” With this key to understanding, this little duck reaches out to the other animals with a new respect for diversity.

Once you know who you are and embrace who others are, you will not be blown away by anything that comes your way (Groundwood Books).


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