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Final journey


The body of Keith Morkve, a member of Bethany Lutheran, Hatton, N.D., was carried to the church and cemetery on a 125-year-old family wagon pulled by Norwegian Fjord Horses. Morkve died at age 65 in October. The family farm is 2 miles from the church (built on land donated by his great-great-grandfather), and Morkve’s niece Kathy Baer and her husband, Ken, members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Garrison, N.D., provided their horses. Another niece, Stacy Christianson, captured this photo, saying it depicts “so much about who Uncle Keith was and what he loved. … He was the fourth generation to be baptized, confirmed and buried at Bethany. He loved horses and always had several in the pasture to care for … he was a simple man who lived his life quietly.” The cemetery is a half mile from the church, which made for a slow-paced and “very moving” final journey, she said.


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