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For the love of money & all it can accomplish

We can be part of ministry anywhere

I love money. I know that the love of money is the base for all evil according to the Bible, but I love money anyway. The evil of money, however, is not rooted in money itself, but in our attitude about it.

The reason I love money is even more important to me. I am not in a position to be a major sponsor of anything, no matter how dear it might be to me. But I can still be a part of ministry anywhere I choose, whether locally or nationally or anywhere in the world. My love of money allows that.  

My money might become sacks of rice somewhere in the world, or part of the expense of drilling a well in Africa (www.elca.org/hunger), or earthquake recovery in Haiti. I can take satisfaction in that.

I can be a part of our church’s relief work following a major disaster, like hurricanes Katrina or Sandy or the tornadoes in Oklahoma. I will be there when the trauma of these events sets in. That’s when real help is needed as those coping with these disasters realize the extent of their loss.

I would not be much more than in the way if I went to a disaster site, but I can help to empower someone who is more skilled and more capable than I to make it all happen. 

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