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Doubting Thomas and kindred spirits

We need proclamation & OK to struggle

Thomas is my patron saint, my soul mate and my kindred spirit. When he responds to the good news of Easter with his famous demand ("Unless I see the mark of the nails ..." John 20:25), I can relate. Though I sometimes wish I weren't, I am a natural-born questioner who persistently wants to know, "How can this be?" And, so, I never experience faith as my own creation but always as a miraculous gift of the Spirit worked through the means of grace embedded in the community of faith.

As a soul mate of Thomas, I need the two things he receives from his faith community in those first days after Easter: bold proclamation and permission to struggle.

Bold proclamation: "We have seen the Lord." I need a community that proclaims Christ's radical solidarity with sinners and the sinned-against. And I need a community committed to living out Christ's wall-breaking revolution in the world. I need that bold proclamation even in those days when my questions get the best of me.

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