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Deluge of letters on Hill 'ordination'

106 liked coverage, 32 didn't and 2 were neutral

While I imagine there will be a flood of letters concerning the article on Anita Hill's "ordination" (June), I find it both encouraging and concerning. I'm concerned about our church's unity, but I'm encouraged by the witness of Anita Hill and others like her who refuse to take their God-given gifts and leave the church. Somehow I always thought "Lutheran" and "irregular" would be akin to one another.

Randy Rice
Waltham, Mass.

I'm glad The Lutheran chose to tell the story of this celebration and that editor David Miller chose to use this ordination, along with other events, to call us to open and listening conversation, modeling that in his editorial. The June issue is as strong a proclamation of God's love as I've seen in this magazine.

Janet M. Corpus
Philadelphia, Pa.

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