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Giving Up god . . . to Find God: Breaking Free of Idolatry

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Human beings are very susceptible to idolatry, states Kerry Walters, who teaches philosophy and peace and justice at Gettysburg (Pa.) College. At one time or another all of us have run across false gods created out of our anxieties, desires and fantasies. Walters takes a look at 10 of the most common idols.

There is the Genie god whom we want to grant us all our wishes. And Big Brother god who demands self-righteous obedience to his will (this conception of the Creator grows out of a fear of freedom). Designer god is advocated by fans of pop culture and fads. Church god is the favorite of believers who love structures and hierarchies.

Walters, in the end, affirms the theological ideal of letting God be God. We are here not to box in the Holy One with our dogmas but to acknowledge and honor the mysteries of the Glorious One (Orbis Books).


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