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Bruce Dern in Nebraska

Director Alexander Payne is one of the most sensitive and whimsical explorers of the challenges faced by ordinary people. This comedy, shot in black-and-white, is structured around the quest of Woody Grant (Bruce Dern, at right), an aging resident of Billings, Mont., who thinks he has won $1 million in a lottery. His son David (Will Forte) picks him up at the police station after he is found wandering down a highway on his way to get the money in Lincoln, Neb. Feeling sorry for his beleaguered father and needing a break from his own lackluster life, David hits the road with Woody. They make short stops to see Mount Rushmore and to spend some time in Hawthorn, Neb., where Woody grew up. David’s mother and brother join them in this small town.


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