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Effectiveness is what’s important

In this season of waiting for the best gift ever, we took time to look at what we hoped were gifts to you from the magazine with the promise of more to come.

We asked readers at various times this past year to list articles and authors they like most. The overwhelming favorite was Peter W. Marty (page 3). His column is a hit with both laity and clergy. What a gift it has been since he said yes to writing for The Lutheran in 2010.

Two other constants were the presiding bishop’s column and letters to the editor.Mark S. Hanson wrote the column for 12 years and attracted a large, faithful following. Now it’s Elizabeth A. Eaton’s turn (page 50). Two columns in (we joke with her that she has only 70 more to go) and the difference between Eaton’s and Hanson’s writing styles is clear. Both are gifts to the church. Letters to the editor are not so much a gift as they are an opportunity. Step up on the soapbox and be heard.

There’s more, but here is a word on the effectiveness of our articles. The Lutheran Global Health Volunteers program was featured in the September issue (page 34). Since that article appeared the churchwide office in charge of it has received contacts from more than 20 health-care professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists and medical students who are interested in volunteering. 

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